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Catherine teaches and has taught yoga classes specifically tailored for students living with Parkinson's Disease.  She currently teaches her Yoga for Parkinson's Classes at the New York Methodist Hospital Center for Parkinson's Disease in Brooklyn New York.

For more information on these classes and to register please contact:

Tziporah Kay
Patient Care Coordinator: Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Program
Coordinator, APDA Information & Referral Center
New York Methodist Hospital
263 7th Ave Suite 4A , Brooklyn, NY 11215

Catherine's Yoga for Parkinson's Classes were recently featured on CNN in feature about the Muhammad Ali Center for Parkinson's Center.  Watch the feature.


Catherine recently relocated from Arizona to Brooklyn and in Phoenix, Arizona she was an integral part of the start of Yoga for Parkinson's Disease classes, sponsored by the Muhammad Ali Center for Parkinson's Center (MAPC) for Movement Disorders.

These classes are now taught by teachers who trained under Catherine and her Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga For Parkinson's Training Program.  For more information on dates, times and registration for these classes, please visit Yoga for Parkinson's Classes at MAPC.


You can also practice Yoga for Parkinson's with Catherine here on her website on the  Video page or you can purchase Catherine's Video, Yoga for People Living with Parkinson's Disease.


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